Better Change


Are we aligned?

Do we know where our bottlenecks are?

Do we have the right people?

How well do we execute change?


How much will this cost?

How will we sequence things?

What are the competing priorities?

Who will benefit from doing this? Us or our customers?

How will we account for unknowns?


How well do we understand how we operate today?

How will we describe the new operating paradigm tomorrow?

How will we describe the changes to each employee?

Do we know what and how applications are used today?


Will we buy new applications?

How will we decide?

Who is responsible for deciding?

Who is best able to help us implement?


How will we control and monitor the initiative?

How will we keep the entire organization informed and engaged during the change?

How will we measure success?

What are the shared standards / behaviors the team needs for success?